Обычное раположение обстоятельств в английском предложении:

"Как?" (обстоятельство образа действия) ___ "Где?" (обстоятельство места) ___ "Когда?" (обстоятельство времени).

Используя таблицу Помощь внести уточнения в нижние предложения:

My mother came to the United States from Ireland in June. (3-го в 5 часов)
He ate his dinner and then watched a movie. (в течении часа)
My sister usually drives us to school in her Toyota Camry.(к 10-ти часам)
The student works nights and weekends at Tom’s Restaurant.(после 7 вечера)
My aunt bought me an dolly for my birthday in July.(1 числа).
When I graduate from high school, I’m going to college at Boston (на три года)

Was he invited in? (вчера в 9 часов)
He was invited to take a seat.( через 15 минут)
I was invited to sit, which I did.(в 12,15)
He was invited to make a speech.(12декабря)
He was invited to stay in the White House.(в этом году)
He was invited to sit in the place of honour.( в полдень)
He was invited in from another hospital.(во вторник)
I was invited to enter the hall and take a seat.(к 8 часам)
My sister was invited to their house for dinner.(в субботу)
Is her office phone number listed? (вчера в 17 часов)


at 1pm;
at dinner;
at sundown;
at age 32;
at the airport;
at the
at home;
at the desk;
turning at the intersection;
throwing the snowball at Tom
by sundown;
by the due date ;
by the school;
by the window ;
a book by Tom;
prices have risen
by 20 percent;
by car, by bus
on Wednesday;
on Friday night;
on December 8th;
on the left;
town lies on the river;
on the floor;
on a bus;
on the air;
on TV
in the summer;
in November;
in 2002;
in the same year;
in an hour ;
in the garage;
in an envelope
in town;
in Texas;
in a book;
in a magazine